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Here’s How To (Safely) Brush Wet Hair

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Lets be honest: who doesn’t brush their hair when it’s wet? Whether your texture needs the help of a blow dryer ASAP or you just dont have the time to wait, bristles hit wet locks more often than not. Weve heard the warningsbrushing wet hair equals damage!but is there a better approach than waiting it out?

The bad news: theres no damage-free way to brush wet hair, says Michael Boychuck, a celebrity colorist and owner of COLOR salon in Las Vegas. Brushing wet hair causes damage because when hair is wet, its weakened. Brushing is one of the roughest actions and brushing wet hair can lead to broken strands and split ends.

Luckily, there are safer alternatives than tearing through sopping hair. We’ve rounded up the best (and safest) ways to brush wet hair.

1. Detangle.
Start by detangling the hair with a cream or serum that not only…

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Everyday face makeup 


Hi, today I wanted to share my everyday face makeup routine!! If anyone wants to know my everyday eye makeup comment down below!!

1. Tart Amazonian clay foundation.
This is high coverage and feels very light weight on the skin for all day wear.

2. Booboo cover up concealer is a bit more expensive but worth the price.

3. Stay matte foundation. It goes on to easy and for the price it has amazing coverage without looking caked on over the liquid foundation.

4. The bronze I use from nyc is very cheap, lasts long and is matte. It stays on giving a good contour and is a perfect shade.

5. I have been using elf blushed to add color and love them. I have higher end blushes but like these better!

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